Around 1010: Breweries

San Diego is, without a doubt, one of the top cities in America for everything beer. The golden West Coast houses the most breweries, but its southern most city is famous for pale ales and IPAs. Hundreds of microbrews exist and new ones are emerging every day. Well... maybe not every day, but it sure feels like it. We're not complaining either!

With so much action on the brew scene, we couldn’t help but be a part of the buzz, literally. Our love for beer made it pretty easy to design our popular Cheers bell. But don’t worry, we were diligent in our research.

Check out our favorite experiences at some of our favorite local spots.

1. Ballast Point


Known worldwide for their fruity IPAs, this brewing company’s roots are in homebrew. Their name echoes across the San Diego area because of their well-known beer selection. Really, it’s that good. Ballast Point's gold-medal winning Sculpin has delicious hints of fruit that’ll leave you with a kick. We suggest trying out the Grapefruit Sculpin because it’s somewhat of a hoppy IPA tempered by a burst of grapefruit tanginess. It’s mouthwatering.

We’ll start any weekend with this in hand.

Fun Fact: The Sculpin IPA and Grapefruit Sculpin IPA made it into the Top 5 Best Beers in America.

2. Belching Beaver


Belching Beaver is another awesome spot. With tasting rooms in Vista and North Park, north county aaaand south county San Diegans can get their fill of the super tasty Peanut Butter Stout. Not only is it generally amazing, but perfect for a beer float. Add some vanilla or chocolate ice cream and daaaang. #sogood.

If you’re looking for a conversation starter, try out the “happy accident” beer, Tiny Rick, which is a nod to the animated series, Rick and Morty.

3. Stone Brewing


You can't talk about San Diego breweries without mentioning Stone. This craft beer turned heavy weight champ turned 20 last year in 2016. Founded close to Electra's former offices, Stone calls Escondido home. We have to recommend their brewery in the Dido. Not only is the beer tasty, but the food is great. 

The Enjoy By IPA is ranked at #10 on the charts by beer fans and extemely popular. If you’re looking for something a little different, their Smoked Porter is our go-to. It’s a dark beer with a distinct taste, yet surprisingly light and smooth.

4. Modern Times


Modern Times is newer to the brewing scene with two locations in central San Diego and it has quickly become one of our very favorites. You can find us hanging there on the weekends with Blazing World Amber or Lomaland in hand. Blazing World is a tasty amber beer that lacks the acidic aftertaste commonly found in other ambers. Lomaland is crisp and makes for the perfect refreshment after a long sunset ride on Mission Bay.

Lucky for us, a new tasting room is opening just down the street from our Electra HQ!

What are your favorite local breweries?