Electra Love: Ryan and His Straight 8

Life can knock us down. But sometimes, an Electra bike can help us get right back up again. Especially when you've got an awesome Electra Attitude Cruiser. This is especially true for Ryan and his Electra Men's Straight 8 8i. Here's his story:


The Electra Straight 8 8i bike is all original except for the ape handle bars. This bike has been amazing since I purchased it almost a year ago, and it has allowed me to continue to enjoy what I love to do, which is biking.

A little history about myself… I’m 23 years old and I live in Northern California. To date, I’ve been through three massive spinal fusion surgeries (I’ve attached an x-ray for proof).

After my third surgery in December 2015, the doctor mentioned while in rehab that I could no longer ride my Trek (Electra’s parent company) mountain bike. At the time, I was crushed! Thankfully, he mentioned that the only style of bike that could possibly work is a cruiser. One that offers a smooth ride and a good upright riding position.

Well, once I found and test rode the Straight 8 8i, I had to buy the bike. An absolutely incredible ride and I have no pain with my back! The bike is smooth, durable, comfortable, and one sick looking ride. I highly recommend the Straight 8 8i to all my friends and family and I know that I’ll be riding this bike for the next 50 years plus.


Ryan A.


Thanks for sharing this with us, Ryan! We’re so happy to hear that you’re able to ride again. Keep on cruising, Straight 8 style.