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Spotted: Seventeen Magazine

Spring is here... and thanks for the reminder, Seventeen! We spotted our Ladies' Ticino 7D in Lemon Chiffon on the magazine's glossy pages. With a beautiful custom design and Electra's signature attention to detail, this bike doubles as a fashion accesory AND sweet ride.

Spotted: Draft Magazine

You know it's a good day when Draft Magazine features your favorite ringer bell, especially as a product to "inspire your next satisfying sweat" ...whatever that means. This awesome bell is bright yellow with a black mug and white froth. Just looking at it makes you feel a little thirsty.


Electra Memories - My Funny Valentine...Happens to Have Two Wheels

In honor of this special holiday weekend celebrating love, I wanted to acknowledge my funniest valentine yet. No...its not a new boy or a friend who I've known for years...its my bike. Yes people, I'm serious. I know it sounds silly but I simply want to recognize the fact that this bicycle has been the number one catalyst for my new level of freedom and happiness.  

Top 10 Reasons to Love Miami Critical Mass

A corker flips his bike over in the middle of an intersection and looks to the sky, searching perhaps for a plane, a bird, anything, as the car he's blocking sits on its horn. Get out of the way! Then... get out of the way, dammit and expletive, expletive!