Finally, The E-Bike for Everyone is Here.
Power to the PeoplePower to the PeoplePower to the People

Townie® Go! 7d

Finally, an e‑bike for everyone.

The newest addition to Electra’s Go! e‑bike collection combines the comfort and control of the best-selling bike in the U.S.* with the power and fun of an electric bike.

If you thought a quality e‑bike was out of reach, the Townie Go! 7D is an uncomplicated, affordable ride. Featuring Electra’s patented Flat Foot Technology® and the easy-to-use Hydrive system, at only $1,499.99 this is the perfect bike for anyone looking to enhance their lifestyle.

7 Awesome Colors

Mint Mojito
Icy Blue
Storm Cloud
Pedal Assist


Hydrive system features
3 levels of power support

20 MPG

20 MPH

maximum assisted speed

50 Mile Range

20-50 Mile Range

depending on mode & terrain

2 Year Warranty


2 Year Warranty

or 500 full charge cycles

She bikes. He bikes. Everybody e‑bikes.

Rae Wyman
Left BalloonRight Balloon

Rae Wyman

26 years old | Miami Beach, FL

Plays acoustic. Rides electric.

Tried yoga once.
Ditched the class. Kept the pants.

Grabs coffee, some sun and cardio on a single ride. Overachiever.

Sam Mendoza
SpaceshipSparkle 1Sparkle 2Sparkle 3

Sam Mendoza

43 years old | Carson City, NV

Stays up on the latest technology.
Stays up to watch Netflix too.

Appreciates the finer things in life.
Like oxygen and sunshine.

Lives a life of adventure.
Adventuring to work. Adventuring to the beach.
Adventuring to meet friends.

Chris & Suzanne Henderson
Left BirdRight Bird

Chris & Suzanne Henderson

57 & 62 years old | Scottsdale, AZ

Willing to try new things at the farmers market.
Like how they get there and back.

They smile a lot. They ride their e-bikes a lot.

Live a healthy, active lifestyle.
Consider margaritas a fruit.

Go farther, go faster, for less.

Farther, Faster, for Less
Hydrive LED Display

Hydrive Led Display

View battery life and adjust power assistance through three levels of support with ease.

Hydrive Pedal-assist System with 250w Rear Hub Motor

Hydrive Pedal-assist System with 250w Rear Hub Motor

With a maximum assisted speed of 20mph, you can tackle hills and longer distances with the Hydrive motor.

Shimano Revo 7-Speed Twist Shifter

Shimano Revo 7-Speed Twist Shifter with Optical Gear Display

More gears means more range with the 7-speed derailleur.

Mechanical Front/Rear Disc Brakes

Mechanical Front/Rear Disc Brakes

Mechanical disc brakes provide smooth yet powerful stopping.

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