About Electra Bikes

We are inspired by those who ride our bikes.

By the artistry of our culture.

And the details that surround us.

We started this company with the idea that we could always do better.

Better than what was out there.

Better than what we’ve done in the past.

Because we believe in the power of forward motion.

We believe true innovation is what ultimately sets us apart.

And we believe in the power of different.

The way we see it, if you always take the same path,

you’re always going to end up in the exact same place.

So we explore. We create. And we design with purpose.

We design with the intent to enhance your lifestyle.

We are motivated by what’s on the horizon, and intrigued by what’s around the corner.

And while we may have a relaxed view on just about everything, we’re serious about our bikes.

How they ride. How they look. How you look riding them.

That’s how you pull away from the pack.

Even when you’re riding with someone on your handlebars.